Cathie Gordon

Hi, my name is Cathie Gordon and I have recently relocated to East Grinstead from West Yorkshire. Previously worked in a successful Wellbeing Centre in Cleckheaton, and now ready to help more people benefit and grow through the use of highly respected and proven therapies.

Now based at the Cornmill Therapy Rooms and really looking forward to meeting and supporting new clients in and around the area. Let me help you to develop confidence, deal with anxiety, lose weight, say goodbye to bad habits and generally improve your life in so many ways.

As a fully qualified, insured and experienced Clinic Hypnotherapist, (BWRT®) and Neuro Linguistic Programme Practitioner (NLP). I have many tools available and between us, we both choose what’s best for you. Hypnotherapy is still the therapy of choice for many people and I have practised, and still do practise this with great success. Then I discovered Brain Working Recursive Therapy and it changed my practise and life for the better.

BWRT® is a cutting edge therapy for the twenty-first century. ‘BWRT®’ stands for ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy™’, created by one of the UK’s leading therapists and trainers. It’s a ‘content-free’ process that doesn’t rely on a therapist saying the right things or discovering private information or personal secrets. In fact, all I need to know is what you want to be able to do, or to be able to stop doing.

Personal problems, fears, anxieties, even severe difficulties that have lasted for years can melt away almost as if by magic, and often in just a single session when working with a professionally registered BWRT® Practitioner. The therapy can even be carried out via the internet, so a lack of confidence, feelings of awkwardness or tight schedules need not be an obstacle to improving your life.

In a session, you will be guided to use just your own thoughts - without me even needing to know what those thoughts are - in a special way to create a totally natural change that comes from within you rather than from something that i would say or do.

All the work is done in a completely ‘awake state’ and doesn’t use hypnosis or any mysterious spiritual or religious ideas of any sort - it’s completely logical, practical and down-to-earth, and all it needs to be successful is for YOU to want something in your life to be different.

Only registered Practitioners who have been fully trained can deliver BWRT®. To find out more, look on the website and discover how this could help you restore your life. Take the leap and give me a call to arrange your free initial telephone consultation either for BWRT® or Hypnotherapy.

Telephone: 01342 301085

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